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About Me

I've always been in professions with an underlying theme of helping others improve some aspect of their lives. Starting out as a nurse, I transitioned to personal trainer when I desired more flexibility in my schedule. As I progressed on my journey, I found deeper purpose as a holistic life and wellness coach.


My interests eventually led me to assist small business owners, particularly in the area of account management. I was fascinated with wealth consciousness from all perspectives, including practical, mental, emotional, and metaphysical. Expanding my skill set, I became a personal finance counselor and used my knowledge, experience, and natural gifts to create content for my first book. 


I absolutely love being a guide for seekers as they explore their paths and reclaim their innate power to co-create the lives they truly desire and deserve. In my work, I encourage 100% accountability because I know that radical responsibility is the only way to transform yourself into the highest, healthiest, wealthiest, most loving and joyful version of you.

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