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10 Questions to Ask Yourself on Your Journey of Self-Discovery

For those of us who really want to delve into a personal development and holistic healing journey, a sincere and honest self-assessment is necessary.

Oftentimes we go through life on autopilot, not realizing the default-mode patterns ingrained in us and the role they play in creating blocks to progress.

A solid self-inventory that explores motives, underlying fears, and outdated stories from the past can prove to be beneficial. Aha moments and insights, if you are open to increased awareness, can allow for breakthroughs and powerful epiphanies.

Consider the following questions and notice your responses. Are you immediately in defense mode? Do you quickly turf the blame to someone else? Are you able to peel back the layers that hide below the surface?

1. What childhood or past memories or traumas are holding you back from personal empowerment? Do you tell yourself and others the same stories as an excuse not to move forward? Are you letting your past dictate your future?

2. When you give someone help or offer assistance, do you expect to receive a pay-back? Are you giving generously from the heart or out of manipulation and control? Do you trust that the universe will take care of you and provide an energetic exchange or positive karma?

3. Is your career aligned with your true passions? Are you allowing your heart's calling and natural gifts to manifest as daily work? Are you creating discord every day because deep down you really don’t want to go to your job?

4. If you had to live independently on your own, would you be comfortable with that? Would you be able to take a breath and just be by yourself or would you constantly feel the need to interact with others for validation? Are you exhausted by your own self-criticism?

5. If you looked at yourself in the mirror, would you be able to say, "I love you" to yourself? Are you proud of the person you've become and happy with where you are in life? Do you feel worthy of receiving good and abundance?

6.Does fear paralyze you from making choices that you know would be better for you? Are you afraid of having to take responsibility or of facing the unknown? Are you scared that you won’t be liked by others whom you’ve been people-pleasing?

7. Do you respect yourself enough to set healthy boundaries with others? If your intuition is nudging you to steer clear of a situation, are you confident enough to honor it and decline with authenticity? Do you constantly put yourself in situations where others disrespect your boundaries?

8. Have you taken charge of your holistic health? Do you have an out-of-shape body, constant worry and mental chatter in your head, self-sabotaging emotions, or lack of spiritual connections? Do you understand that your thoughts and emotions affect your physical wellbeing?

9. Are you filling any emotional or spiritual voids with toxic people, material things, addictive substances, or chaotic dramas? Do you realize that you are the only one responsible for healing your life? Would you rather feel the rush of conflict instead of the simplicity of peace?

10. Is your heart open to love, joy, and abundance? Have you been so hurt in the past that you built walls around yourself preventing an amazing path from unfolding? Can you allow yourself to receive a kind gesture or help from others?

A complete and genuine look at yourself can help you realize beliefs and patterns that cause resistance to your evolution in consciousness.

Some people may ignore the signs or are in complete denial altogether. Each person has his or her own journey to live and that choice should be respected. When you are ready, however, exploring your deeper sense of self can shed light on the road you truly wish to travel.

Be the bliss, Alice
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