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40 Tips for Self-Mastery in 8 Life Areas

1. Health and Fitness * Move your body appropriately through exercise, dance, or walking. * Eat healthily in moderation and avoid addictive substances. * Develop a positive mindset and belief system. * Take inspired action daily toward your goals. * Approach wellness from a holistic perspective.

2. Love and Partnership * Respect yourself and know your worth. * Release emotional baggage of the past. * Be interdependent not codependent. * Know how to fill your own emotional needs. * Recognize where there is room to improve.

3. Finance and Wealth * Develop wealth versus poverty consciousness. * Keep your finances and important affairs organized. * Eliminate harsh judgments about being rich. * Know your assets, liabilities, and monthly budget. * Understand that money is a tool of exchange.

4. Career and Purpose * Do what you love for a living. * Set intentions to get paid just for being you. * Serve your purpose with love. * Connect with your true desires and passions. * Choose a different path if you are unfulfilled.

5. Home and Environment * Honor your home, vehicle, and work spaces as sanctuaries. * Remove or fix anything broken, torn, or non-functional. * Clear the space and energy every day. * Clean up messes and minimize clutter. * Decrease noise, violent media, and aggressive interactions.

6. Friends and Family * Set healthy boundaries with others. * Avoid micromanaging someone else’s life. * Express yourself and needs authentically. * Surround yourself with like-minded people. * Release the need for approval from others.

7. Hobbies and Entertainment * Engage in activities that are enriching and uplifting. * Find what resonates with you on a soul level. * Bring back the happiness from good childhood memories. * Compete in a fun, enjoyable, and healthy way. * Read books and watch shows that stir your natural interests.

8. Personal Growth and Spirituality * Realize that you can only control yourself. * Practice meditation or guided visualization. * Take full responsibility for all life aspects. * Open your mind to alternate possibilities. * Never stop evolving in awareness.

Be the bliss, Alice

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