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5 Essentials of Daily Self-Mastery

One of my core tenets, "Life mastery begins with self-mastery,” implies that in order for your external life circumstances to come into harmony and flow, you must first start with mastering your inner self.

Self-mastery is not something you achieve in one course or one isolated project.

Daily accountability and organization, growth and development, and self-nurturing will help you steer your life in a positive direction and master your destiny.

Practicing these 5 principles everyday can support self-mastery and therefore life mastery:

1. Assume responsibility
2. Simplify your life
3. Awaken spiritually
4. Grow as a person
5. Engage in self-care

Just remember you can become A SAGE when these skills are integrated into your day-to-day conversations, relationships, and creative projects.

1. Assume Responsibility – In every 24 hour period, your life is your responsibility. If you don’t assume ownership of your past and present decisions and the resulting consequences, you disempower yourself and relinquish control. You have to take responsibility in order to heal and fix what is out of integrity or what needs to be activated to fulfill your greatest potential. If you always have an excuse or someone else to blame, you’ll never create a solution and you’ll never be the hero of your own life. Your energy, beliefs, thoughts, ideas, attitudes, perceptions, feelings, and actions and how you handle them are your responsibility.

2. Simplify Your Life – When paperwork or tasks come up to be managed, take the time to take care of your business. A cluttered home is reflective of a cluttered mind and heart. Put your resources toward activities that matter and support your growth. Release situations that are draining your energy and no longer profit you on some level. The emotional energy spent on unnecessary relationships and circumstances can be exhausting. Learn how to forgive, let go, and remain neutral in situations that may have triggered you in the past. Don’t create chaos and self-sabotage where there is none.

3. Awaken Spiritually – Develop a spiritual practice and integrate mindfulness into daily activities. Meditation, subtle energy clearing, and intuitive development can help you evolve and expand as a spiritual being in a human body. If you’re not checking in with your higher awareness and guidance, you’re at a disadvantage. Spiritual tools, such as asking your angels and guides for assistance, are valuable resources. Spirituality is universal in that it encourages you to connect to your own divine power and wisdom to facilitate mastery and harmonious flow.

4. Grow as a Person – Personal growth and development is an ever-increasing industry as people are realizing that the only person they truly have control over is themselves. Your self-development journey can start as simple as listening to an interesting podcast or as involved as delving deep into a journey of self-discovery in another country. Honor what resonates for you, but understand that personal development is really not a luxury anymore. It is a necessity to self-actualize and master your life. Seek the opportunities for you to improve as a person. You can be your own best asset or worst liability.

5. Engage in Self-Care – Holistic self-care is a sign of love and respect for yourself. Not only is self-care a priority on a physical level, every aspect of your life should nurture you and be reflective of personal care. Self-care in your career means you are authentic with your passions and purpose. Self-care in your relationships requires you to establish healthy boundaries and communicate your needs with confidence. Self-care with your finances and feelings asks you to look at your mindset and underlying beliefs around money and the way you fill yourself up emotionally.

As you master yourself, you master your life.

Be the bliss, Alice

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