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7 Techniques for your Spiritual Toolkit

Spiritual health is one component of living a holistically balanced and well life.
As more people define themselves as spiritual seekers, a connection to the higher aspects of consciousness becomes an integral part of self-care and daily routines.

Having effective tools in your spiritual toolbox allows you to live with a sense of intelligent and creative purpose. Because knowledge is empowering, you can choose more wisely how you think and act when dealing with others or engaging in everyday or challenging situations.

Seven spiritual techniques to incorporate into your day-to-day life include the following:

1. Practice silence - Decreasing the mental chatter and honoring silence, such as in nature or through meditation, can help re-set your mind and body. Slow, deep breathing shifts the focus inward and gives your conscious mind a break. Removing yourself from negative stimuli on television and news outlets also helps to reduce the emotional charges that can weigh you down energetically.

2. Ask for spiritual support - Enlisting the help of a spiritual support team can bring comfort and assistance in ways you didn't even know were possible. Praying and asking your higher self aspect, Goddess/God, the angels, or your spiritual guides to intervene on your behalf can facilitate an outcome that's for the greatest good of all concerned. Do what feels right to you and align with your own version of the Creator, Source, Universe, or Spirit.

3. Research and study - With the thousands of books, free articles, and websites available, resources about spirituality, metaphysics, and holistic wellness are readily and easily accessible. Whatever you are drawn to is usually a good place to start. Videos, apps and blogs are also valuable means to facilitate your spiritual and personal development.

4. Visualize - Visualization techniques use powerful imagery to produce a variety of results. Whether you are cleansing your chakra energy system or crafting a vision board, imagining an outcome in your mind allows you to connect consciously and subconsciously to a universal source of pure potential and solutions.

5. Express gratitude - Being in a state of appreciation keeps your vibrational energy at a high level. If you are sincerely grateful for all that you have and are, lower energies and emotions such as complaining, apathy, or anger are less likely to seep in. When you are given blessings, affirm to the universe that you are happy to receive and say thank you for more infinite love from above.

6. Use intuition - Your higher awareness and Spirit deliver messages all the time. When you are tuned in and actually open to divine guidance, subtle nudges like "grab a jacket" or very strong messages like "don't ride your motorcycle today" can prove to be strategically convenient or powerfully protective communication.

7. Become more self-aware - Examining your beliefs, feelings, thoughts and actions can really advance your level of spiritual growth and increase personal accountability. As you become more self-aware, you learn to take responsibility for where you are in life and understand a deeper connection with your underlying patterns, choices, and consequences.

Having spiritual tools to assist in practical matters can help ground your energy in real life experiences while fostering a link to your higher consciousness and divine wisdom.

Practicing these techniques enables positive co-creation to occur, where your spiritual self merges with your physical self in an effort to embody your greatest potential.

Be the bliss, Alice

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