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Choose Peace

We've all heard that peace starts within, but most people relate peace or lack of peace to external situations.

To me, they are interactive and interdependent. The most important inside job around peace has to do with consciously choosing peace instead of stress or drama.

If you align with peace and become your own best advocate for peace, then you're more likely to center yourself throughout the day, practice forgiveness, and believe in the divine order and abundant flow of life. Your thoughts and actions will focus on what's going to bring you more peace versus what creates more chaos in your life.

You have to choose peace and actively co-create it. Think the thoughts and do the deeds that you feel and know will manifest more serenity in your life.

If I asked you what would make your life more peaceful, what are the first three things that come to mind?

Maybe you think a clean and clutter-free house or more self-care time would help increase your personal peace.

Then what if I asked you, "What are you doing about those situations? Where can you decide differently so that your desired outcome emerges?"

Many times we know what needs to be done, but we just don't do it.

Change takes effort both inside and outside. If you're looking for something different, i.e. greater inner peace, something in your life and lifestyle has to shift.

To promote peace in your life, here are some examples of what you can do.

- Do nothing and just be and breathe.
- Take a walk in nature.
- Cancel plans for an event you really don't feel like going to.
- Ask a friend or family member for help.
- Stretch your body and give your hands a mini massage.
- Use a gift card on something for yourself.
- Start reading the book you've been putting off.
- Eat a healthy meal.
- Tidy up a part of your home that's been bothering you.
- Watch a funny video clip of your favorite comedian.
- Donate supplies to a homeless or animal shelter.
- Get your car washed and vacuum the inside.
- Listen to an audio meditation.
- Have patience with the process.

Relying on someone else to change their ways in order for you to feel peaceful is just not reasonable. Everyone is dealing with their own life stuff. You can only truly work on what you have control of.

Be the bliss, Alice

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