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Finding Joy in Everyday Moments

When life seems to be stagnant or heavy, this could be a cue from the universe to detach from the stress and immerse yourself in pure joy, laughter, and love.

Experiencing happiness can raise your energetic vibration, release your mind from worry, and allow for fresh and creative perspectives to emerge.

Here are some ways to tap into your joyous energy and allow your inner child to play again:

- Love the simple pleasures in life, like your morning coffee or favorite slippers.
- Subscribe to daily humor and jokes websites.
- Read the happy and uplifting news feeds.
- Watch funny movies or television shows.
- Make a date with a friend or partner to see a comedian show live.
- Play outside in nature with your kids and dogs.
- Find funny clips on social media.
- Go tickle your loved ones and let yourself be tickled.
- Diffuse essential oils that are energizing.
- Be grateful for all that you have.
- Do something kind and generous for someone else.
- Volunteer at an animal shelter.
- Eat a delicious meal slowly while savoring every bite.
- Listen to the music you grew up with while dancing and singing to the lyrics.
- Remember what you used to do for fun and do it.
- Play a team sport with your adult friends.

As ironic as it sounds, being open and receptive to joy and smiles can be difficult for some. In order to be really in the moment and laugh with authenticity, you have to let your guard down, release control, and become vulnerable to the unknown.

We have a certain comfort in the expected and routine even if it entails chaos and crazy. Give yourself permission today to relax, let go of the reigns, and rediscover the little things that make you laugh, bring inner peace, and create uncontrollable giggles and fun.

Be the bliss, Alice
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