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You may have heard the phrase "ground your energy."

Grounding your energy is a simple yet powerful tool that many people are aware of but don't necessarily integrate into their daily self-care routine.

There are dozens of ways to ground your energy including imagery, holding gemstones or crystals, gardening, or walking barefoot in the grass. The technique I'm offering is a visualizing method.

Using a visualization practice to ground yourself can help call back any scattered energy into your center and also release worry, stress, and old energy that doesn't serve your system.

You can do the 5 minutes of grounding in the morning or even throughout the day, especially when you feel the need to reset.

Personally, I like to ground my energy after I wake up, while I'm walking my dogs throughout the day, and at night prior to bedtime.

Here's the technique:

1. Place your feet on the floor while sitting or standing.
2. Close your eyes if comfortable to focus your awareness.
3. Take a deep breath and relax your tongue from the roof of your mouth while releasing your shoulders down and back.
4. Hold the intention to call back your personal energy that might be lingering with other people or in other places.
5. Imagine an invisible rope or cord hanging down from your tailbone area and rooting into the Earth.
6. Envision anything that's creating worry or anxiety in your life falling down the grounding cord and absorbing into the earthen dirt and soil.
7. Ask that the heavy emotional energy be cleared from you and transmuted for everyone's benefit.
8. Then see and sense your feet growing healthy, green roots into the Earth.
9. Imagine that you are fully and completely nourished, replenished, and loved in all ways.
10. Remember to breathe deeply throughout this visualization. On the inhalations, draw the nurturing energy from the planet up into your feet and throughout your body. On the exhales, see yourself letting go of the people, places, events, and circumstances that are throwing you off balance.

This grounding exercise purifies your body and mind of conflictual energy while supporting and uplifting your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

If you experience a moment of high anxiety, take another moment to counter the contraction. Breathe into your belly, relax and expand, ground yourself, and move forward in the day with a different momentum.

Be the bliss, Alice

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