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Handling Intense Situations

We looked forward to 2022 to usher in new energy, perhaps easing the challenges of the last year. However, moving forward into the second half of the year many people are still experiencing great shifts that make them question their path, purpose, and interpersonal relationships.

What I’ve found is that the circumstances, sometimes unexpected, that are being brought right into the forefront of our lives are showing up to be healed.

We are being faced with situations that are ready to be cleared of unhealthy energy, brought into integrity and alignment, and reset into a new forward momentum.

It may feel difficult to anchor into a reality that seems to shift daily. This is the time when self-care, self-love, and self-growth are essential.

- Do what you can to take care of practical matters in a smart and ethical way.

- Use the one-day-at-a-time mantra to assume responsibility and manage your affairs, especially anything legal and financial.

- Brutal honesty with yourself and your previous behavior is necessary for personal development and evolution in consciousness.

- Examine the reasons for underlying past behavior. If you allowed someone to cross boundaries, look deeply into the core issues related to worthiness and deservedness.
If you lost control and self-sabotaged, see where you lack inner fulfillment and harmony.
If the universe swoops in and removes you from toxic environments, you may be in a position to reclaim your power and proceed on a purpose-driven path.

- Allow yourself to process through heavy emotions, but remember to release frustration, doubt, or guilt in productive ways.

- Maintain your spiritual practice and connect to your inner being to guide you on this journey. Get out in nature and ground the intense energy into the Earth for clearing and transmutation.

-Avoid extreme all or nothing charged thinking. Return to a space of internal stability and breathe peace into your awareness.

With higher frequency energies infusing our planet, anything that is less than integrity or not in your best interest will be brought to the surface, sometimes in unforeseen and dramatic ways.

This energy can dismantle unstable foundations, relationships, work positions, family dynamics, financial matters, and any other unhealthy life area so that you can rebuild from a place of alignment and authenticity.

Be prepared to experience a continued clearing of anything in your life that really isn’t serving you or doesn’t facilitate your greatest potential. There is no going back to the old ways of doing things. The energy of integrity, alignment, and evolution is commanding a new reality for all of us.

Give yourself the opportunity to heal yourself and your various life aspects. Learn to direct the resources of your time, energy, and money to support safe, right, and good thoughts, emotions, habits, and connections.

You can call upon your higher wisdom and your angels and guides for assistance. Allow Spirit to offer grace and divine intervention so that your new path is more calibrated to your soul’s destiny.

Be the bliss, Alice

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