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How to Be Your Own Superhero

Generations of youth and adults alike have revered the iconic superheroes for decades. Why? Because superheroes save the day, master superhuman powers, and often have a relatable “ordinary” alter ego.

However, the superhero phenomenon may actually foster the belief that an external figure is necessary in solving your life challenges.

Instead of depending on outside influences, such as “If only he would change,” why not save your own day, wield your own powers, and be your own superhero?

The following 15 ways to superpower yourself can even be wrapped into a personal superhero identity. Integrate your superhuman/higher self into your everyday life, conquer your demons, and win your own battles.

1. Wall-crawling
- Stick to and walk up buildings and walls until reaching the top.
- In superhero fashion, you can motivate yourself to stay on a project until completion and scale mountains till you reach your goals.

2. X-ray vision
- Look through walls and sense the truth behind barriers.
- To elevate your understanding of situations, you can learn to see through the illusions of fear, drama, and negativity and intend to visualize clarity and transparency within all.

3. Lightening speed
- Move faster than light by focusing energy and quickly arriving to help those in trouble.
- Tap into your own powers and manage your time, efforts, and priorities in an efficient yet productive manner. What you place value on becomes your priority. Examine how you spend your time and determine if your priorities are where they should be.

4. Strength
- Embody physical strength, often triggered by powerful emotions and stress.
- When you are feeling mad or resentful, find your inner strength and channel that energy into resourceful ways of coping and problem-solving.

5. Heat vision
- Fire intense beams of heat and light at opposing targets.
- You can melt away threats to inner peace and balance. Dissolve stress or negative forces by imagining powerful flames transforming blocked tension into free-flowing lava-like energy.

6. Freezing
- Freeze objects or turn into ice for protection.
- For confusing situations that really have no clear solution or obvious path, you can put the situation on ice and freeze it until you have more clarity or additional information is revealed.

7. Flight
- Fly high to get a better vantage point.
- Apply this technique to soar above and transcend problems. Set intentions for the highest outcomes and avoid naysayers. Detach from heavy drama and float above until you reach an expanded perspective and can engage consciously from a place of love.

8. Sonar sense
- Analyze events using a tuned-in auditory sense.
- Silence the mental critic and destructive self-talk. Stay in the present moment and listen attentively to divinely guided messages through meditation as well as clues from physical conversations.

9. Elasticity
- Stretch body and limbs more than humanly possible to promote either positive outcomes or avert negative ones.
- Do you stretch yourself beyond your supposed limitations? You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome. In order to reach your full potential, you need to challenge yourself past your comfort zone and any self-imposed obstacles.

10. Weave webs
- Produce adhesive webbing to draw objects or circumstances inward or away.
- As a human being, your purpose is to realize your responsibility in weaving the life you desire and creating a reality based on your beliefs, thought patterns, emotions, and intentions.

11. Flexibility
- Be flexible to maneuver through complex circumstances.
- Having flexibility in areas such as your schedule, relationships, and career adds to the positive qualities you can possess. By trusting in the process and being less rigid with respect to outcomes, you allow win-win solutions to present themselves with ease.

12. Accelerated healing
- Heal at a rapid rate.
- Do you believe you are capable of healing physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual imbalances in your own life? Determine your level of belief and embrace your personal power. Understand that healing is a holistic process that occurs on many levels.

13. Force field
- Generate a field of energy as protection.
- By shielding yourself in a bubble of intense love and light, you protect yourself energetically from psychic attacks and draining etheric cord attachments. Intend for only healthy, positive energy to enter your reality and for undesired entities or dense energy to be lifted away and purified.

14. Inhalation
- Inhale antagonists to defeat them.
- Breathwork is a tool for transmutation. By slowly breathing in and out you can reset your nervous system to let go of anxious energy and center yourself more calmly.

15. Danger sense
- Sense incoming danger.
- If you are stuck on a particular decision, connect with your intuition or gut instinct to help you choose. A combination of rational intelligence and insightful sense is a powerful tool for purposeful decision-making and determining the safety of a situation.

When you accept responsibility for your life, you realize that your ordinary self can function at superhero levels, and your extraordinary superself naturally emerges.

Be the bliss, Alice

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