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Money Matters on the Mind

People are reminded of their financial situation on a daily basis. Bills, exchanges of cash for products and services, business ventures, and credit transactions all represent the flow of money in our society. For those in a state of scarcity, money issues can bring to the surface emotions such as frustration, depression, and an overwhelming sense of fear.

The natural rhythm of life is dynamic, creative, and abundant. When imbalances exists, resistance, stagnation, and lack can seep in. It's important to examine the root issues causing those blocks.

Both poverty consciousness and prosperity consciousness have vibrational energies associated with them, just on different ends of a spectrum. Many use affirmations or attraction principles as a superficial means to heal their finances and create new sources of income. However, examining and correcting the deeper beliefs can be a more sustainable way to live fully in a state of wealth.

Throughout childhood and even into adulthood, people frequently imprint limiting beliefs around money. Examples include, "You have to work three jobs to make ends meet," "You're never going to earn a living with a psychology degree," or "It's impossible to be wealthy trying to juggle your career as a single mom."

The problem with these opinions is that once ingrained into your subconscious mind, they bubble out and affect your emotions, thoughts, actions, habits, and ultimately the life that you live. In order to shift your outer reality, the inner aspects of your subconscious and core programming need to be re-set.

Once brought into conscious awareness, you can empower yourself by realizing that you may no longer want to hold onto those old beliefs as your personal truth. Whether you received the information as a download from your parents, community, a spouse, or other authority figure, you do not have to continue buying into it. Other people's perspectives are not absolute facts. They are just suggested stories that you’ve decided to take on and embody.

You have a choice to acknowledge what has more truth for you now and what aligns you with a greater sense of authenticity. Those restricted beliefs are narratives that serve as excuses to prevent you from moving forward and embracing a new reality based on wealth and abundance. The responsibility becomes yours to observe where and when you adopted those stories as your own, and figure out what you can do to change them.

Self-aware individuals purposely seek to evolve and empower themselves. On a journey of manifesting financial flow, one of the first steps is to delete the old patterns and replace them with ones that hold more power and foster alignment with financial health.

After the underlying shift in energy takes place, holistic techniques like affirmations, vision boards, Feng Shui, and other prosperity tools can help you maintain a mindset of financial freedom. Calibrating your beliefs, feelings, thoughts and actions to a higher frequency can create the inner shift that ultimately gets reflected in your outer circumstances.

Be the bliss, Alice

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