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More than Enough

Today's exercise is called More Than Enough, and we're going to work on activating a more empowered consciousness around being and having more than enough.

Inner peace can be threatened by feelings of lack and not enough of something.

Many people feel stressed or anxious because they believe they don't have enough money, time, or resources.

At the core of their mental and emotional states is a running program called scarcity or poverty consciousness.

The normal default for most is a survival type of living where limitation is experienced daily.

In this 5-minute practice to peace, I'm going to invite you to start saying and writing down beliefs and affirmations that are the opposite of a poverty survival mindset.

To begin shifting into an abundant and prosperity consciousness where there is more than enough, it's important to understand what that looks and sounds like so you can integrate it into your subconscious mind as a new baseline.

The goal of this exercise is to offer you another option on your journey. You must believe that your life of wealth is available, or you won't make the effort to create it.

Here's how it works:

You can take a 5-minute slot of time or recite the statements throughout the day. I especially like to activate the energy of more than enough while I'm outside walking or while I'm driving in my car.

Speaking the words out loud or writing the sentences in a journal helps you focus your awareness and ground the activation into a more physical reality.

Make the declarations meaningful to you and your situation. Feel them on a sensory and embodiment level - the joy, the peace, the satisfaction, the personal power, and the fulfillment.

You can use these statements or design your own:

I am more than enough and always will be.
I am worthy of receiving so much love, money, and wellness.
It is safe for me to have a surplus of money.
I am at ease with more than enough and feel comfortable with luxury.
I feel secure and happy with more than enough time and people willing to assist.
I allow more than enough good into my reality field.
I receive extra blessings every day.
I attract greater wealth as time goes on.
I create immense prosperity in my life and in the lives of others.
I magnetize the perfect support systems for me in all of my endeavors.
I manifest more than enough money each month to cover my needs, wants, wishes, and desires.
I align with a wellspring of vitality and life force.
I command more than enough respect.
I meet many like-minded friends everywhere I go.
I experience more peace as I grow in mind and body.
The universe is loving and brings me more than enough help.
I have loads of cash and heaps of hundred dollar bills.
I have more than enough time to accomplish my goals.
I have massive resources to assist me in my purpose.
I am always clear with my next best steps.
My family and I have a plethora of food choices every day.
Ideal opportunities and clients come to me all the time.
My foundation is more than sufficient, stable, and solid.
I have infinite wisdom and potential.
There is more than enough for everyone.
It feels amazing to know and experience that there is more than enough good to go around.
I love seeing evidence of more than enough.
The energy of plenty is awesome and feels great.
Thriving and high vibe are my new norm.
I am at peace with more than enough bliss.
I love having more than enough love in all that I do.

Be the bliss, Alice

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