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Putting Out Fires

This past week has been intense with the level of "stuff" I've had to manage. I try my best to minimize conflict, drama, and chaos in my life, but as humans, it seems like part of our evolutionary process is to become aware of the areas that need healing and work through them in the highest, healthiest, most mature way.

The universal energies are bringing up a lot of heavy truths and revelations which are difficult for even the seasoned wisdom keepers and lightworkers. It's as though there's a bodhisattva vibe on one hand extending compassion and unconditional love and a fierce, boundary-setting, get shit-done warrior on the other, like a Jedi master frantically squashing out fires that keep popping up.

When the cosmos are throwing metaphorical axes at you left and right, take a second to pause and breathe. Chances are you're going to have to manage the stressors on all levels - take some sort of action, get your thoughts focused on empowerment not judgement, acknowledge the emotional discord but don't stay stuck there, and tune in to your highest energetic resources.

Prioritize what needs to be taken care of. I really appreciate Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and reference it often. Attend to physiological and safety needs first then love, belonging, and esteem, while honoring self-actualization when the lower aspects are satisfied.

If you're going through a tough time, know that you are loved and supported. I always find comfort in my belief in spirituality and a grand design. It doesn't make the immediate situations disappear; however, it helps me to see the circumstances through a different lens.

So much is being brought to the surface that it could feel like a whirlwind. Find your grounding, center through breathwork, and deal with what's most important. This is all meant to upgrade us on our collective and personal soul journeys. Focus your attention on what you have control of and what you can improve. Be an example for others, but remember each person has their own karma and path to progress on. Your purpose right now is to work on yourself and heal what is out of balance.

Be the bliss, Alice

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