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Spiritual Practice

When you activate your path as a seeker, your spiritual journey is initiated. You've made a decision to dive deep into your reality and to understand your role in the cosmos.

How you develop your spiritual practice is entirely individualized. Moving past the resistance and understanding the benefits can help create momentum.

Why people aren’t practicing daily spirituality:

- Don’t know what to do and aren’t familiar with it
- Out of their comfort zone
- Believe those connections are reserved for religious leaders
- Think they don’t have time or other resources
- Too busy searching for answers on the outside
- Place it low on their list of priorities
- Lack understanding of the value of spiritual growth
- Feel like a superficial, trendy outlook is enough
- Afraid of what they might discover about themselves
- Too easy to blame everyone else for their problems
- Associate evil with the esoteric or occult
- Get easily overwhelmed or distracted with nebulous concepts

Benefits of a Spiritual Practice:

- It’s who we are – spiritual beings in a human vessel
- Become a conscious being versus life on autopilot
- Increase personal power instead of victimhood
- Enhance intuition and psychic gifts
- Cultivate a connection with Source
- Learn about metaphysical concepts like spirit guides, kundalini, divination, and angels
- Become more efficient through present moment awareness
- Filter your reality through a more positive perspective
- Have more capacity and reserve to manage life challenges
- Shift your beliefs to attract more desirable experiences
- Prove to yourself that you are capable of manifesting and that the universe does have your back
- Release unhealthy emotions stuck in your physical or energetic body that may be causing depletion, dis-ease, or imbalance
- Let go of what is truly not good for you in your relationships, jobs, and habits
- Become more balanced in mind, body, heart, and spirit
- Create more sustainable joy
- Be confidently in charge of yourself
- Engage in self-care to increase bliss and decrease stress
- Connect with others who share a common mission
- Develop your authentic passions and purpose
- Evolve and progress so that you stop repeating self-sabotaging patterns
- Become more proactive rather than reactive with life
- Finally forgive yourself and others as you clear away anger, resentment, and negative energy
- Spend quality time alone and learn to love, accept, and heal yourself
- Consciously co-create with purpose and intention
- Transmute subconscious blocks and old programming that dictate your life
- Experience amazing synchronicity when you align with the Divine
- As you raise your vibrational frequency you become a beacon of light and example for others

Be the bliss, Alice

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