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Take Care of Your Whole Self

With everything shifting on so many levels, the need for holistic self-care is increasingly apparent.

Part of your daily responsibility is to make sure you and your life aspects are taken care of in a way that is healthy, progressive, and supportive to yourself and your family.

We all have physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions that require regular care and maintenance.

If we neglect our physical bodies, disease, fatigue, and weight issues can ensue. Tasking our mental capacities helps us avoid ignorance and misunderstanding. Our emotional issues can stay stuck in our cells and tissues if we don’t process them in a healthy and productive way. Spiritually, we can feel depleted and disconnected if we don’t consistently remember to tap into our higher wisdom.

Each day we are given the opportunity to rise up, claim our power, and command our energy by assuming responsibility for nurturing and caring for our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls.

From brushing and flossing our teeth to keeping our energy body clear of toxic debris, we are in charge of ourselves and the consequences of our actions or inactions.

Holistic self-care can also take the form of the following:

- Setting boundaries with loved ones
- Knowing when to say no to demands on your time
- Asking for help from others when you don’t know the solution
- Figuring out the deeper issue of why a certain pattern keeps repeating
- Managing your personal paperwork and finances in an organized way
- Keeping your space at home or work and in your vehicle clutter-free
- Releasing old relationships or habits that aren’t serving you
- Taking steps toward your dreams and goals
- Learning something new to evolve you on your journey
- Doing what aligns with your joy and passion
- Handling stress in an emotionally mature manner
- Honoring your subtle guidance and acting on intuition

We also have various life areas where holistic self-care applies:

- Home and environment
- Personal growth and spirituality
- Money and wealth
- Career and purpose
- Love and partnerships
- Hobbies and entertainment
- Friends and family
- Health and fitness

When we are dealing with a particular area such as money and wealth, our whole self-care responsibility prompts us to look at the underlying beliefs and dominant thoughts about our financial situation, the emotional stress we may carry regarding our finances and debt, the practical habits and behaviors in handling our money matters, and the spiritual perspective and consciousness we have about either prosperity or poverty.

So caring for ourselves is more than just eating a healthy diet and getting adequate rest. We are multidimensional beings with layers of personal energy and responsibility for that energy.

Once you start practicing self-care on a holistic level, the mind, body, heart, and spirit aspects of your life areas can align with more harmony and flow.

Consider how you care for yourself on a daily basis. Are you working on developing activities that cultivate wellbeing and thriving on a holistic level, or are you grazing the surface by tending only to the survival type needs just to make it through the day?

Healing and balancing on the deeper levels can create positive shifts externally.

Although it may seem overwhelming for example, to watch a self-growth webinar when your dog is sick, your child has a school project, or your in-laws are visiting, remember you do have options.

Walking outside in nature for a few minutes can help you reset and provide a much needed self-care moment. You can listen to a clearing meditation when falling asleep or spray some lavender while you’re taking a shower.

Small steps integrated into even the busiest days can give you the opportunity to pause and breathe into the present moment.

Give yourself the time to reconnect to your inner being and care for whole yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Be the bliss, Alice
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