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Your Easy Button

In my personal life and in my business, I use techniques that help me out physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As life can get overwhelming, I like to have as many easy buttons as I can utilize.

When you’re performing tasks, having tools or methods to improve efficiency or make life more convenient can be refreshing and appeasing.

For example, you may want some guidance on hacks to improve time management skills.

I would recommend a variety of techniques that cover you holistically and keep you accountable for implementing them:

Physically – set an alarm clock or reminder on your phone, keep up with mail and paperwork as soon as it comes in, or don’t overschedule yourself with events that really don’t resonate

Mentally – investigate the deeper reason you’re always late, like are you rebelling against parents that made you sacrifice your needs as a child or do you believe nobody’s ever on time and society lets you off the hook

Emotionally – look at the emotional energy around managing your schedule, such as do you feel like you get a rush from last minute planning or do you get attention when you show up apart from everyone else

Spiritually – use grounding exercises to prevent scattered and confused energy, sever etheric cords to energy vampires that drain your energy, listen to intuitive nudges and subtle insights

You don’t need to suffer and live in a constant state of stress. There are thousands of ways to mitigate daily life challenges. Open your mind and learn something new. You deserve an easy button.

Be the bliss, Alice
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